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Supply Chain Management

AENAV provides an integrated range of broad-spectrum services related to Shipping & Logistics Supply Chain Management. AENAV aims of fostering a mutually productive & gainful business by offering the integrated logistical services.

Shipping is not just only the integral part of the transporting goods from origin to destination, but it is a process in the supply chain which is to be lived by every moment in order to have a successful operation. Each operation is a unique operation and we at AENAV understand the importance of timely information, action & close follow-up with a risk-based approach with proper tools & readily available at all times to mitigate the risk and improve operational efficiencies. AENAV expertise lies in commercial, technical as well as legal know-how & vast experience which assist in mitigating the risk for seamless operations without any biases.

AENAV carries the vast experience while bringing the fresh outlook to shipping & logistics solutions to grow our clients business with hand-in-hand approach.


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