ATLANTIC EASTERN NAVIGATION (AENAV) started with the vision to bring shipping capacity and expertise for trading in challenging areas with rich experience & know-how of special markets.

AENAV’s commitment to work as an “In-house” department of our clients assisting in taking care of their supply chain management while putting clients focus & resources on their core trading & manufacturing business with seamless operation managed by AENAV Team.

AENAV’s founders have a rich history in the shipping industry and the company’s key personnel are skillful shipping professionals with extensive experience & expertise in shipping & chartering. The management decided to take advantage of the Asian Shipping Hub of Singapore as their shipping base and set-up the company, ATLANTIC EASTERN NAVIGATION PTE LTD, actively involved into Far East & South East Asia shipping market.

Bridging the gap with a difference

The business started with team of experts in challenging areas as humble beginnings with back-to-back charters in bulk business and organically grown with time to full-fledged shipping operations & voyage management with skilled trading & operating team, expanding from regional business to international business.

The management decided to setup operations in Dubai and also decided to move the head quarter of AENAV in Dubai to manage the time zone efficiently as well as to be part of the vibrant & stable UAE business hub to handle the middle east regional trade. The company ATLANTIC EASTERN NAVIGATION DMCC, under the umbrella of AENAV brand, offering personalized services to cater niche requirements of Middle Eastern & African shipping market with key focus in specialised markets such as Yemen, Libya, Iraq, Comoros Island, Nigeria, Gabon & Ivory Coast.

AENAV’s HQ in Dubai handle the centralized management functions including assessment & mitigation for all business units in addition to Company’s operating business.

In order to facilitate deeper penetration into the target bulk grains shipping market out of the Black Sea, AENAV set up their office in Ukraine, LLC ATLANTIC EASTERN NAVIGATION UKRAINE, to handle regional shipping trade as well as back-office operating functions.

AENAV is active in number of origin & destination countries around the world including Middle East, Indian Sub-Continent, Far East, Africa, South America, Mediterranean & Black Sea.

Interested in working with AENAV ?

Phone: Singapore: +65 6871 8990 | United Arab Emirates: +971 4 294 4851 | Ukraine: +380 48 735 8841

Phone: Singapore: +65 6871 8990
United Arab Emirates: +971 4 294 4851
Ukraine: +380 48 735 8841